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  • Posted: October 15, 2018 10:31 AM

I’m “liquidating” my beer bottle collection. I have about 2200 bottles, empty, and all different. They are boxed and indexed. Most date from the late 70’s to present, but there are at least 100 early 20th century ones (like Croft Brewing). There are also come (i think) relatively uncommon ones, like two from Mueller Brewing, an in-house brewery for a stainless tank fabricator.

This would be ideal for collectors, as well as breweries or pubs looking to have a unique wall decoration. Based on the shelving that I had, I’d say that you could line at least 30 feet of wall, floor to ceiling, with bottles. I have enclosed an image taken when i was around the 1000 bottle mark.
I’ve also enclosed a page of my index.
This lot is likely too large for UPS or Fedex, so either a freight service or rental truck would be needed. I’ve shown UPS and $100 as shipping cost, but only because the form demands it.
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